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About Alex! 

I asked him what he thought was unique about himself and he had an amazing response:


I’m a street and stage performer with a glow-paint-wearing clown aesthetic that can tangibly contribute to your team with more than just showing my badass hoop skills (though of course I can do that, too!). I’m interested in really pushing the envelope on how hoopers can make a career out of their hobby and finding creative ways channeling my love of hooping into business ventures.

What inspired you to start your journey: 

I first got into hooping by meeting a hooper at a park while running shirtless on a warm 70-degree February back in 2017. She asked me to try out spinning a hoop. Since trying that out at that spot I knew that hoop dance was my calling.

A little bit more about Alex:

I’ve been hooping for 5 years (as said before I started in February 2017). The first half year of my journey started in Champaign, IL but it continued as I moved to Bloomington, IN to become a mathematics graduate student and teaching assistant of Indiana University. The Bloomington hoop troupe known as the Hudsucker Posse (link: adopted me and from there I’ve been honing my skills as a hooper, performer, and now an instructor. My style is a mix and match of a lot of great hoopers but it all centers around the posse’s decade long special tradition of on body hoop dance with LED lights! Currently I’m touring around the country, doing workshops at festivals and performing both on the streets and stage alike. For a lot more information about me and my adventures, check me out on my personal webpage: (link:

What is your favorite music genre to flow to? 

House music (specifically tech house)

Do you flow with any other props? If so what are some of your other favorites?

I’ve dabbled with poi, nun chucks, contact staff, and juggling, but right now my flow is all just applying my hoop dance moves to another prop to be honest. I still have yet to formally specialize in another prop. My favorite out of all of those is juggling and contact staff. With juggling I can’t do much besides the standard 3 juggling pattern, but I hope that changes, soon!

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Go check out his Instagram for his amazing flow journey and more!

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