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About Courtney! 

I asked her what she thought was unique about herself and she had an amazing response:


I feel that I am a very diverse and intelligent woman. I am in school to become an RN and will be done this December. I have a stutter which I feel that sometimes having a quirk that it is so open and noticeable it makes others feel more comfortable about themselves. I love teaching people things and making people feel the best they can. I have grown my flow skills very much since starting in 2021 and have lots more to learn as well. I feel I am unique in lots of aspects. EDM is the main form of music flow artists flow to, but I love all music especially alternative and pop punk so I feel that makes me stand out in the flow world.

What inspired you to start your journey: 

I saw someone hula hooping online and I thought it looked like fun so I wanted to try! I liked the idea of getting outside and getting activity in, in a fun way!

A little bit more about Courtney:

I am a nursing student however I am a licensed cosmetologist. My hobbies include crocheting, painting, coloring and reading. I also collect crystals. I love my cats, but they are very startled by my hoop when I flow indoors!

What is your favorite music genre to flow to? 

Alternative/ Pop punk

Do you flow with any other props? If so what are some of your other favorites?

No! I would love to try poi or pixel whips next.

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Go check out her Instagram for her amazing flow journey and more!

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