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Maya Williams

Fort Worth, Texas


About Maya! 

I asked her what she thought was unique about herself and she had an amazing response:


I’m creative and outgoing and I think I bring a different style towards hooping!

What inspired you to start your journey: 

So I’ve had this genetic back injury for the past 3 years and it’s kept me from doing a lot of activities. I had some friends that recommended me to try hooping because it wouldn’t be to harsh on my back. So I did! And long story short hula hooping has kept me very active and I love it so much. Helps me feel free and burn off some stress. And I can do something that I love without hurting myself. I’m excited to see where my hooping journey will take me. I haven’t been doing this that long!

A little bit more about Maya:

Originally from up north I’ve lived in Illinois and Wisconsin but I’ve lived in Texas for about 14 years! I’m in school part time. But going back full time in the fall and I’m super excited about that! I’m super outgoing and very social. And the biggest thing I love the most is going to music festivals! :)

What is your favorite music genre to flow to? 

R&B House Music and chill EDM I like to mix it up

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Go check out her Instagram for her amazing flow journey and more!

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