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Nikki Rathjen

Carbondale, Pennsylvania


About Nikki! 

I asked her what she thought was unique about herself and she had an amazing response:


I wouldn't say I am unique - I am extra.ordinary - However, I find such pride in being given the honor to help another human - especially a fellow flow momma, a helping hand to achieve personal goals.

What inspired you to start your journey: 

I feel like I was born to be in the circle. Ever since I was a little girl you could find me in my backyard with my hula hoop. My Dad would always boast of me to his friends and would always encourage my hula hoop passion. It's just always been a go to for me to escape reality and center myself.

A little bit more about Nikki:

I am a momma to 2. I have been in love with my best friend since I was a teenager. I am the owner Of Crum Canoe Candle Co. - a Soy Wax Candle Company on a voyage that has set sail to spread our SOYage. I am an advocate for Mental Health Awareness. Music is my favorite language. I am a published writer. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine and I hope to one day allow the world into my book of Poetry. Hula hooping has and always will be the greatest self care I give to myself.

What is your favorite music genre to flow to? 

Any type of ambient music. My flow brings out a sensual, delicate side of me that I do not carry myself with. I absolutely love that my flow brings out a piece of me that I typically am not.

Do you flow with any other props? If so what are some of your other favorites?

No but I adore watching everyone else flow with all sorts of props.

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Go check out her Instagram for her amazing flow journey and more!

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