Welcome everyone! What made me want to start a company of my own and why I started Pulsar Hoops? I have been hula hooping for 7 years, when I first heard a friend was going to hula hoop I instantly thought oh, I can do that too. I absolutely could not do what she was doing, that’s for sure! When she played some music and started twirling around, doing tricks, and dance moves with that hula hoop I was amazed! It instantly became an art to me and something I really wanted to learn. She taught me best she could with her busy schedule and I just couldn’t wait to learn more. So I hopped on the internet and taught myself how to do everything I know today! I also found a lot of my flow just by dancing to music with that circle. I kept hula hooping on and off, I was making a few here and there for family and friends. Then it hit me why not start a business locally for my hooping friends and family, It was already a hit and more and more people wanted them. So I did everything I had to do to get this moving and here we are! I truly hope to bring happiness to others the same way that I found happiness in flow art. Stay tuned for AMAZING things that are coming!