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Samantha Chavez

Gilbert, Arizona


About Samantha! 

I asked her what she thought was unique about herself and she had an amazing response:

I would say my motivation is one of the biggest unique qualities, I’ve pushed myself over the past 6 months to be better and learn new tricks every single day. I fell in love with this community and nothing makes me happier than interacting with my people, helping other hoopers learn new tricks, and just seeing the joy hooping brings them

What inspired you to start your journey: 

My best friend bought me my first hoop as a birthday present when I was going through a really hard time in my life, hooping is something that has just become so natural since to dive into as an emotional release whenever I’m feeling down.

A little bit more about Samantha:

I’m 26 and have lived in Arizona for 12 years. I’ve been hooping for 9 months, I have 2 dogs, I’m a digital marketing manager, I’ve been raving for 2 years, I love anything creative (dance/painting/drawing/etc)

What is your favorite music genre to flow to? 

Dubstep/hip hop

Do you flow with any other props? If so what are some of your other favorites?

I also have a pixel whip, pixel poi, and a staff!

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Go check out her Instagram for her amazing flow journey and more!

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