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Pulsar Hoops

Flow like no ones watching!

Current build time 3-5 business days.

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Welcome! Since our first day of business, Pulsar Hoops has been offering a unique selection of Hula hoops to our valued customers. We now have a Flow Arts Patreon in the making. Sometimes it’s the most ordinary products or services that can have the biggest impact on our daily lives. Our commitment to making your experience with us as memorable as possible, makes us a unique and special store. Browse our site and get in touch with any questions. Happy Flowing! 

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At Pulsar Hoops we’ll go out of our way to offer an outstanding and affordable selection of amazing pre-made hoops, tutorials for flow arts & so much more to come!

In the digital age, where great products are only a click away, we believe that curating the right collection takes expertise and dedication. Check out our latest updates and get in touch if you need more information.


About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Katybeth and I am the owner of Pulsar Hoops. A little bit about me, I am 31 years young, I have a beautiful small family, the best significant other I could ever ask for and our two beautiful daughters!


What made me want to start a company of my own and why I started Pulsar Hoops? I have been hula hooping since 2013, when I first heard, a friend was going to hula hoop, I instantly thought oh, I can do that too. I absolutely could not do what she was doing, that’s for sure! When she played some music and started twirling around, doing tricks, and dance moves with that hula hoop I was mesmerized! It instantly became an art to me and something I was determined to learn. She taught me the best she could with her busy schedule, and I just couldn’t wait to learn more. So, I hopped on the internet and taught myself how to do everything I know today! I kept hula hooping on and off, I was making a few here and there for family and friends. Then I had a dream of starting to sell Hula Hoops as a business locally for my hooping friends and family, it was already a hit, and more and more people wanted them. So, I did everything I had to do to get this started and here we are! I truly hope to bring happiness to others the same way that I found happiness in flow arts. Flow arts is an amazing thing for so many people and the joy it brings others is pure bliss. My goal is to help others find and experience the art of flow.


Stay tuned for AMAZING things that are coming to Pulsar Hoops!

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